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The Story of Sonny Nutter

Sonny Nutter, above all else on the track and off, is probably the most popular American Speedway rider around.  Invariably ready with a grin, handshake or “Hi,” Nutter is Speedway racing’s best goodwill ambassador.  His flashing white teeth, good looks and personality have contributed to earning Sonny the nickname, “Mr. Charisma.”

He was the captain of the American Speedway team from 1970-76 in its yearly encounters with the European stars.  Nutter is unique in another way–he is the only active rider who sponsored competitor riders.  Scott Sivadge and Bobby Schwartz both raced out of Nutter’s Speedway Only shop in Santa Monica back in the mid 70’s.  Under Sonny’s guidance both have had highly successful seasons.

His illustrious motorcycle career includes competition in short track, TT, half-mile, mile and road racing,  In 1968 it was just Speedway .  He won the National Championship in 1968 and the California State Championship in 1998.

Till this day Sonny occasionally runs some laps on motorcycles and cars.